Measurements for workers,process safety, and environment
Analysis system:
The SAAT measuring   system allows  analysis of some pollutants gases and provided data analysis in real time. The values are displayed in an array, and simultaneously a graphical format. In graphical mode, the zoom function allows the user to focus on  details.
Configuration also allows the determination of exposure limits TLV/TWA (Threshold Limit Value/ Time Weighted Average) or TLV/STEL (Short Time Exposure Limit) on a particular pollutant.
This feature is particularly useful for monitoring the recommendations of the decree indoor air for EOP, Establishment Open to the Public, (Decree No. 2012-14 of 5 January 2012) or the protection of workers exposed to vapors from solvents (painting, printing, coating ..)

Analyzes, Why, For Whom
The analysis of pollutants from a gas can have multiple objectives.
  •      Ensure the safety of personnel working in hazardous atmospheres for human health (particles / dust, solvent vapors, toxic gases ..)
  •      Ensure safety facilities (explosive hazards)
  •      Ensure the quality of finished products (food, foundry, pharmacy ..)
  •      Enable HSE  (Health, Safety, Environment), QA, manager to  implement and monitor quality or security procedures
  •      Meet national regulations (decrees) and international (European directives) on the protection of workers or public health.

•Benefits for continuous monitoring or “on line and in situ” measurements, a few examples:
–In a food plant, air is used to dry and clean bottles. Unpredictable increase in CO2 value caused by gas supplied forklift truck.
–Aluminium foundry :bad quality of aluminium cast breech caused by intermittent bad nitrogen quality.
–Train repair centre : unexpected blockages in solenoid valves due to  an  increase number of medium size particles with increase in content of water in the air distribution line.
–Medical prosthesis plant: at final polishing step, high rejection rate due to oil and water spray in the air.