Compressed air production room
Specifications for industrial air ( general use) follows the ISO 8573:2010 regulation. The air quality is expressed by a group of 3 digits used respectively for water content, oil, and particles.
Note that oil, according ISO 8573 terms and definition, refer to : 'mixture of hydrocarbon composed of hydrogen and carbon'. That means an oil free compressor cannot garantee an air without hydrocarbon molecules.
The SAAT system, form single sampling point, provides the user with all these information, directly on the integrated touch screen, or remotely.
It exists in both portable or wall mounted version. See pictures below.
Above the 10barg maximum pressure, a pressure reducer must be used.
Other gases like nitrognen or carbon dioxide can also be run on the SAAT system. Nevertheless, special attention is required to check compatibility between detector and measured gas.
The systems designed by DAGIL can be upgraded to include new sensors, without the need to restart from scratch. By example, a system ordered with an configuration including O2, CO, CO2, could be later modified to detect VOC (Volatil Organic Compound) by simply adding this relevant sensor, and activating the control software. As well, a system primarily designed to use only one air compressed network, could be modified to measure alternatively or on demand a nitrogen network.
system pictures