the SAAT System
DAGIL has developed a simple and original system, to monitor gases.The patented SAAT system,is a based sensors module, designed to avoid sample contamination. From an in situ sample,at a rate of 400ml/min, it provides the user with the means to detect and quantify most of the main gas pollutants. All from a simple gas feeding point with pressure between normal atmosphere up to 300 bars.Therefore, it suits perfectly for controlling multiple sources. For example, the different areas of parking, the mutiple points of a compressed air system , or a compressed air supply and a nitrogen network.
The modular design allows up to 12 sensors to operate simultaneously with a particle counter, and / or biocollector.
In its standard configuration, the system analyzes 02, CO, CO2, VOC, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2O with a flow rate of 400ml/min. The particles are between 0.2 and 10μm measured at a rate of 28 or 2.8 l / min.
According to the generated alarm, specific programs in the internal CPU can be activated, to drive more complex systems, linked with the SAAT. For example: power on alternate breathing air supply if the main one is faulty. Or activate a fan if the total particle number is above targeted range. Using these features, the SAAT system can be used in the design of a complete
gas generator (nitrogen or oxygen) commencing from compressed air up to final gas delivery. The system operates in continuous analysis by series or series programmable set intervals.
Commands or transmission of results and errors can be done by Internet, Ethernet Modbus TCP, GPRS secure VPN. The results can also be stored on a USB stick.
In a portable version,the SAAT system operates from battery. A cabinet version is also available in 19 inches format.