About us
an independent, objective, and technical structure
With experience, after a decade in the world of air control and pressure that obtained in the world of medical instrumentation and robotics in the design of the instrument analyzes mainly dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, we have created in September 2011 DAGIL.
DAGIL is positioned in the market related activities for the treatment of air and gas pressure. This is to provide customers with  'ready to use' solutions for analysis and qualification of :
• gases or compressed air networks
• Breathing air systems ,
• air conditioning systems,
• atmospheric air,
• biogases,
• parking ventilation.
All industrial or commercial areas to meet ISO, WHO and EU regulations are concerned.
The SAAT system is controlled for the quality of the provided results by an independant laboratory. (LNE)
The Dagil targets :

The main objective is to develop an analytical solution, which can address both technical and economical criteria linked to air and gas quality, and thus provide advices on service such as compressed air network qualification (pharmaceutical or food plants). This solution responds to various quality control needs covering:
• compressed air supplies,
• building air conditioning,
• car parks, aeration systems,
• environmental air etc.
And so can help installations to meet current ISO, OMS or EU regulations, and controls from USP, Ph Eur, JP audits.
Materials designed and produced by DAGIL meet electromagnetic compatibility standards, and allow easy  integration into environment ATEX gas and dust.
The results provided by the DAGIL systems are guaranteed by an independent laboratory.
They allow the transmission of results and alarms via Ethernet, Internet, GPRS via a VPN channel. They can also be directly linked to the main  supervision system
Their original patented design allows the original configuration, to change systems without questioning the software.
They already trust DAGIL :
- Véolia
- Delpharm
- Prodis (Groupe Carrefour)
- Secan (Groupe Honeywell)
- Dalkia/ SNCF
- Capeval (Groupe EMC2)
- Emerson
- Proface
- Praxair
- Rexel
- Région Champagne Ardennes