This air quality is mandatory when using the PPE.
Breathing air norm
Breathing air norm

This a European Norm: EN 12021 used to define the quality of the air breath in the PPE ( air hoods..) This norm also applies breathing gaz mixtures. Purity is measured under normal pressure and temperature with respect to

  1. oxygen  21% + or - 1%
  2. purity level
  • The compressed air for respiratory apparatus must not contains impurity which may have toxic effect or cause health injuries. The purity level must be maintained at a value lower than the VLE/TWA or VLE/C or VLE/STEL.
  • Content of lubricants ( aerosol or droplets) must not exceed 0,5 mg/m3. In case of synthetic lubricants, the above apply.
    • new definition: mixture of hydrocarbon and other organic compounds containing six or more carbon atom
  • The air must have no significant odour or taste
  • The CO2 value must not exceed  500ml/m3 (500ppm)
  • The CO value must not exceed 5ml/m3 (5ppm)
  • Water content :  - The air must not contain liquid water
                                           - The dew point must not exceed -11°C whenn the used conditions are unknown
                                           - The dew point must be  5°C below the most expected lower air value when used and storage conditions are known